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Friday, May 20, 2005

this is such a cool ambitious project!.. petra haden -apparently at minuteman mike watt's suggestion and as part of rehabilitation from a brutal hit and run accident that sent her into a coma (and she was uninsured to thats harsh..)- recorded an acapella version of the who's the who sell out 1967 essence she recorded all the instruments with her voice on a four track recording machine. its out now on bar none.. i haven't listened to it but am keeping an eye out for a reasonably priced copy...i absolutely love the cover art too...i read in the new york times a few weeks ago (a sunday paper) that no less than pete townsend loves the record..i can't say enough about people who take chances...way to go petra! (her dad by the way is none other than charles haden who played bass on some great ornette coleman sessions) can find petra haden sings: the who sell out at amazon here

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