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Monday, May 09, 2005

Alexandra Zavis from the Associated Press: I say BALONEY!

the high quality "journalism" we observe these days... you see a headline proudly screaming "US Attack in Irak Kills 100 insurgents" but upon reading the article's first sentence find out its all based on mysterious "reportedly" without any attribution! The Pentagon feeds journalists willing to participate in the ongoing irak scam hooey. How timely!! lets see... seven american soldiers died in one day on saturday.. that made the news..hmmm. bombs going off in Iraq left and right..thats no good....hmmm.. so what can the US government do to counter the bad news: BINGO! we will say we killed 100 militants! whoopee! our people at the AP will report it and then every American paper utilizing AP feeds for their stories (they don't exactly have people covering the story on the Iraq-Syria border now do they?) will have it as their cover story in Tuesday's morning papers!


By ALEXANDRA ZAVIS, Associated Press Writer
5 minutes ago

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Hundreds of American troops backed by helicopter gunships and warplanes swept into remote desert villages near the Syrian border Monday, hunting for followers of Iraq's most wanted terrorist and reportedly killing as many as 100 militants since the weekend operation began.

for the AP story or fable go here

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