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Friday, May 20, 2005

ok i'm obviously so rocking out to this lp right now!!!!..the volume is getting dangerously high.... i began to feel remorse about not putting up a picture of the equally hilarious back cover of the lp so here it is!...for the un-who-tiated thats keith "animal" moon on the left applying acne fighting cream medac and john entwistle proudly demonstrating the benefits of charles atlas bodybuilding! Entwistle by the way died at the Hard Rock hotel in Las Vegas with cocaine and brandy in his blood and hookers in his bed!!! there's a great quote about this by who frontman roger daltrey but i can't find it.. and let me tell you i am GOOD at internet searches!

speaking of entwistle one of the more amazing things i've enrique llanes' old pad was a dvd of the who live where you had the option of turning out all the other sound and just hearing (and watching) john entwistle on bass.. its just amazing.. i think its the live at the isle of wight dvd and i urge anyone who wants to be wowed to check it out...entwistle or ox as i like to call him was an amazing bassist and in this footage he is just jamMING!..... thunderous percussive bass playing.. with keith moon in the band they arguably made up one of the more amazing rhythm section in rock music history...

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