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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

rolling stones to play argentina! (los rolling vienen a la argentina!)

(mick jagger quote below translated from the argentine newspaper clarin article out today and found here)

argentine fans are the most rabid hard core stones followers in the world.. i've seen it and i believe it...there's a whole type of rock music down there referred to as "stone" (the band "los ratones paranoicos" has been a favorite of mine.. and there are "los intoxicados" i.e., the intoxicated..a great stonesy name if there ever was one) while the band is affectionately called "los rolling"..but it goes beyond the music.. there's a sort of rolling stones attitude thats been created combining the anti-authoritarian/establishment attitude of the early rolling stones - the satanic majesties if you will- with the local culture which has always been very anti any type of order..... when you go to a soccer game and see people in the crowd with the rolling stone tongue shirts its not just about music but about a way of approaching life.. a culture.....

thats why it hurt so much down (and angered many) there that in the middle of the incredibly painful economic crisis of 2001-2002 in may 2002- with 30% unemployment etc- when the stones announced their forty licks tour, after having played any number of sell outs in argentina during their previous tours during argentina's good times (i.e., late 1990s).. well, that the stones said they would not play argentina and keith in his trademarked humour joked - and i can't find a transcript of his actual comments anywhere but these things you remember- that the "only way we could play argentina would be as a charity case!"... it really hurt down there and was extremely insensitive and rude...basically it was a low blow..

well, now things in argentina have improved and most predictably the rolling stones plan to play there early 2006 as part of their world tour!... knowing how much it will mean to people down there- even the ones that won't be able to make the shows for lack of money- i'm glad they're playing and that the more diplomatic (and smarter "money man") mick jagger had the good sense to answer the "argentina" question at yesterday's press conference and confirm they'll be coming down while adding:

"in argentina is the most enthusiastic public and the most sexy in the world. and on top of that they like soccer."

i think by enthusiastic he meant passionate and i agree with that 100%.. for all their failings argentines are as passionate as they come...

according to the argentine promoter daniel grinbank they would be playing river plate stadium..

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