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Thursday, May 12, 2005

and the master a-side "Dizzy Miss Lizzy"...also covered by the Beatles and released in the US on "Beatles VI" in 1965...this song like its flipside has the trademark New Orleans rock and roll sound Specialty label founder Rupe loved so much (call it the Fats Domino/Bartholomew sound) and which formed the basis for lots of early rock and roll classics including Lloyd Price's "Lawdy Miss Clawdy" which Fats played on, and Little Richard's classic early rock and roll sides (on which I believe Bartholomew played)... Larry Williams was Specialty's "replacement" for Little Richard who in 1957 had quit rock and roll to be come a minister after a plane scare...the original 45 had a record sleeve but silly me not knowing this purchased the single without sleeve at Eastern Market this weekend..anyways, not every day you see a single that both sides were subsequently covered by the Beatles!

and how does john lennon acquit himself? marvelous.. the beatles version of "dizzy miss lizzy" is far more amped up and racuous than the original with a more blistering guitar've heard it a million times anyhow!..john lennon really did have a unique vocal on the beatles records with that almost growl singing..

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