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Monday, February 18, 2008

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Pictures of Amigos Invisibles

Los Amigos Invisibles rocks the Black Cat February 16 2008!

So because I'm a lazy sod and never even mention their shows just wanted to give a shout out to Los Amigos Invisibles who played the Black Cat club here in Washington DC this past Saturday night. As usual it was a great time. They kicked it off with the track that got me hooked on them about ten years ago: SEXY! and they never looked back...The night is a bit of a blur... I was in good form downing Fosters oil cans like they were the last ones to be found on planet earth.. Also a shout out to Tina Soumela and Rodolfo Matos who joined us for the pre show festivities and grooved with us at the show... Also have to put in a nice word for the keyboardist of Amigos Invisibles who took my Venezuela Zinga Son LP backstage and got it signed by everyone! THanks man! I won't forget that... The guitarist was also darn cool and came out to talk to the crowd after the show.. Only problem is I got my ears blown out (new sound guy mixing it too loud maybe??? or my ears are really weak)..I feel like I underwent a minor ears are still ringing and I'm getting weird headaches which really blows but lets leave it at that and hope things settle back down to normal ASAP....

Friday, February 15, 2008

Now playing- Back in Black!

What an album folks! ACDC's "Back in Black". The biggest selling rock and roll record of all time because, yes, unlike the Eagles Greatest Hits and Jacko's Thriller this is pure rock and roll. Thrilling stuff; a big party in an LP...Originally released on Atlantic SD 16018 pictured above is my highly collectible original promo copy. This may be the high point of ACDC with Brian Johnson but what a high point it is! Every single song kicks ass. If you haven't heard this in a while give it a spin.. you'll be surprised at how fresh it still sounds...As I always say: "Why bands don't take this as a blueprint I just can't fathom!"