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Monday, February 18, 2008

Los Amigos Invisibles rocks the Black Cat February 16 2008!

So because I'm a lazy sod and never even mention their shows just wanted to give a shout out to Los Amigos Invisibles who played the Black Cat club here in Washington DC this past Saturday night. As usual it was a great time. They kicked it off with the track that got me hooked on them about ten years ago: SEXY! and they never looked back...The night is a bit of a blur... I was in good form downing Fosters oil cans like they were the last ones to be found on planet earth.. Also a shout out to Tina Soumela and Rodolfo Matos who joined us for the pre show festivities and grooved with us at the show... Also have to put in a nice word for the keyboardist of Amigos Invisibles who took my Venezuela Zinga Son LP backstage and got it signed by everyone! THanks man! I won't forget that... The guitarist was also darn cool and came out to talk to the crowd after the show.. Only problem is I got my ears blown out (new sound guy mixing it too loud maybe??? or my ears are really weak)..I feel like I underwent a minor ears are still ringing and I'm getting weird headaches which really blows but lets leave it at that and hope things settle back down to normal ASAP....

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