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Thursday, May 05, 2005

"Rolling Stones Now" LP London 3420 Mono original issue.. according to record guides there are two simultaneous original issues.. the red label with the FFRR logo between the two lines and the FFRR ear AND this one: with no FFRR and no FFRR ear betwee two horizontal lines down the middle of the label...the site provides the conventional view its got to be FFRR labels (although there is an interesting note about records being made in the US for export to the military [the original stones US records were imported from england; this one is made in the US- the puzzle grows more complicated]) which are more collectible but i could give two yips about that.. i paid $4.99 for this and i'm going to play it til the wax don't exist!!!!!...oh, and yes, both originals have the full pre-censored liner notes including this very stonesy quote by andrew loog oldham who was busy cementing their myth: "(This is THE STONES new disc within. Cast deep in your pockets for loot to buy this disc of groovies and fancy words. If you don't have bread, see that blind man knock him on the head, steal his wallet and low and behold you have the loot, if you put in the boot, good, another one sold!)"

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