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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

i've written before about how chuck berry was a big influence on the rolling stones and the same can be said, although to a lesser extent, wth respect to the beatles...the beatles "second album"- capitol T 2080 mono pictured here- is often pointed too as being their most rock and roll all US released beatles albums up until "rubber soul" this one is a hodge podge of singles/b sides/and tracks culled from the original beatles albums from england..somehow this one works real well as a good old fashioned rock and roll record (how would you have liked to be the capitol records US executive entrusted with putting these albums together!?)...its got some great rock and soul covers such as "long tall sally", "please mister postman", "you really got a hold on me", "devil in her heart", "money" and of course Chuck Berry's "roll over betthoven" on which george harrison handles vocals..this one came out in the age of the CD capitol decided to only release albums in their original UK format.. therefore albums such as this are only available on vinyl.. the flaming groovies of course had an album cover that was a knockoff of this one and the rolling stones "rolling stones now" from 1965 was a darker variant on this too...its also interesting how the cover refers to the music as "electrifying big-beat".. big-beat for a while was a synonym for rock and roll.

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