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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Dave Edmunds was one of few people paying attention when Chuck Berry released "Rockit"..... On Rockpile's 1980 release "Seconds of Pleasure",one of my favorite pure pop rock out bliss albums, together with bandmates Nick Lowe, Billy Bremmer and Terry Willliams, and in a gutsy move, they covered Chuck Berry's "Oh What a Thrill" from the previous year's "Rockit"...but they covered it in old school chuck berry fashion..just a good old rock'n'roll song... like much of the album its pretty sweet.. many people who hear this cover go searching for the original and find it hard to believe its on rockit as they expect it to have been written in the 1950s.... the whole "seconds of pleasure" album is just phenomenal full of wonderful rock covers and originals...truly one of the underrated albums of all time or perhaps rather i should say: an album more people should listen to.... i believe if memory serves that i first heard this album at washington dc's chief ike's mambo room in the mid 1990s over dollar black labels while shooting pool..

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