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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Speak of the Devil!

and i was just rockin' to "get yer ya ya's out"...

the rolling stones have just announced a fall tour of the US... they are coming to the MCI Center in washington DC on October 3.. i think this is a great venue for them and will be one of the best places to catch them at on this tour.. in many other stops on their tour they will be playing bigger outdoor stadiums where sound tends to be inferior...... last time - the only time- i saw them was at the jack kent cooke stadium and i was in the nosebleeds a mile away from the band.. it took two seconds for the sound to get to me and there was echo.. in sum it sucked....though the band seemed to put on a good show and i was particularly happy to see keith richards.... i would like to go see them at MCI as my past experience with that venue has been good.. the sound is quite good there....and with the big tv screens even if you're not close to the band you pretty much feel in it... but i (1) worry that the ticket prices will be really expensive for this and (2) also of course sell out in 10 seconds as a bunch of scalpers get their hands on the tickets (3) i'm generally against these big concerts.. they're ridiculously expensive... they require you to fork over the money five months ahead of time! and then you have to be at a show with a bunch of meatheads from the manassas (suburbia)...we'll see.... in any case tickets go on sale may 14th... its important to keep in mind one can't be sure the rolling stones will be able to continue touring at the high level they've been doing so....if you haven't seen them i'd recommend getting to a show.. they still put on a good one....the stones are promising a good new album...but seeing how their last ones have been i'm skeptical.however, you never know..there is no reason they shouldn't be able to come out with a good one.. in any case, if you're seeing the stones its to hear the classics..

the tour information from pollstar can be found here

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