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Monday, May 09, 2005

Kristie Macris reports from Coachella on POPMATTERS Site

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The highlight of Sunday was New Order. As they opened the set with "Atmosphere" (yeah, that's a Joy Division song if I ever heard one), I dialed Phoenix so our missing sixth gun would not be forgotten. As he listened from hundreds of miles away, I danced and danced, and so did about four other people in the crowd of thousands.

They played their hits. They played new songs, which were well received by the three people who had heard the album, but probably most amazing they played "Love Will Tear Us Apart". Again, the goth girl in me cried a single black tear from my grey stone heart, which immediately fell on my orange shirt.

After New Order, nothing could compare. British Sea Power was boring. Trying to dance to the MC-laden Roni Size set did not quell the feverish dancing fool inside of me. The Blood Brothers were great, but I wanted to scream myself. Instead I sat down, exhausted and broken after two days of music and friends.

wolff: I can definetly understand where she is coming from on New Order. .seeing them perform "atmosphere" and "love will tear us apart" (and i read somewhere else that they did two other joy division tracks) would have been killer.. frankly, just seeing new order period!

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