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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

the great LP hunt!

earlier this week my friend tim "captain" lara and i were talking about how much fun it can be to go to flea markets.. "the thrill of it all". . you just never know what you are going to find...99% of the time there's nothing but then there's that time you find a little treasure or 50 cent copy of something you wanted to hear..... anyways, this is particularly true when it comes to scouring around for LPs...i would add thrift stores and even used record shops to the list....

probably the greatest LP find of all time is detailed in this article..

as the article explains in greater detail someone checking out flea markets in manhattan- i've seen them many times and ocassionally looked around on visits to new york city (did i miss this?)- found an acetate of the velvet underground's first recording session..the only one in existence and arguably the rarest and most valuable record around as the original session master tapes were destroyed.. the velvet underground went on to rerecord the songs for their classic first album "velvet undergound and nico".. but this session was thought lost.....he bought it for 75 cents!

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