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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The undying idiocy of Hillary Clinton and her supporters.

I think hillary and her supporters are playing this situation completely wrong..
of course no one wants to lose...
but lets say hillary and her supporters had all 100% gotten behind obama and lets say obama lost in the fall to John McCain ..
there is no doubt that under that scenario in 2012 all democrats would pretty much rally around hillary and she'd be the nominee..there would be a feeling that Hillary would have made the better nominee...
but lets say hillary supporters, hillary and bill don't get behind obama (as is happening)...and lets say he loses...god forbid... well its hard to imagine we're all going to rally around hillary after that act of incredible selfishness which will largely be identified as the cause of Obama losing...after all Obama's current problem is not that he fails to appeal to independents but that there are still many Hillary supporters who fail to support him.

its just the same selfishness we saw during the primaries resurfacing.... i mean once hillary got blown out in washington state, maine, dc, virginia, maryland and wisconsin she simply could not win.. and yet they went on and on and on and on..
can we honestly now say that hillary continuing the fight helped obama??? now that mccain is basically running ads parroting hillary's attacks and courting her voters? At what point do Hillary supporters bury the hatchet??? Nothing guarantees a runnerup the Vice Presidential simply does not work that way.
hillary and her supporters should have pulled out february 19 when it was clear that short of a cataclysm they could not win... instead they got increasingly desperate and ugly and still failed to turn it around (they were simply too far behind).. now they still persist in failing to get behind the democratic party nominee.
poor form.
On 8/26/08, YYYYYYYYYYYYYYY wrote:
i'm glad i'm not in your office.

On 8/26/08, XXXXXXXXX wrote:
We've got a very disgruntled Hilary supporter here in our office. I just overheard some very specific Obama (Michelle and Barak) criticisms.

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