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Saturday, August 23, 2008


i did see a lot of the olympic soccer final.. particularly the second half..
i found it ridiculous to play in that heat!
i was really let down by argentina's performance...i'm glad they won the gold but basically after they scored they did the typical try to hold on for dear life... that may work against a bunch of inexperienced young and rather naive nigerian players but that type of approach will not work in a world cup say against germany (which it did not in 2006).... its almost a cultural thing i think....
i think argentina had the better team and maybe it was partly due to the heat but i didn't find anything to get excited about in the final.. finals often are like that though..really tight...
riquelme to me does not seem capable of playing anymore... why did he not actually take corners and instead just played the ball out with say messi? does argentina have no one capable of heading the ball of a corner??

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