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Thursday, August 14, 2008

George Thorogood Wolftrap Vienna Virginia 8-13-08 Back in the USA (live video snippet)

Highly enjoyable Thorogood show last night at the best outdoor venue in the country Wolftrap. Very good sound...he finished it off with Chuck Berry's Back in the USA which being the Berry nut I am i absolutely went bonkers over...Thorogood seemed thrilled to be playing Wolftrap and made reference to "..hope we can make this an annual thing.." or some such..From your words to God's ears Lonesome George! Having never seen Thorogood I was particularly thrilled they have a sax player..really gives it that vintage good old time rock and roll feeling....


Anonymous said...

too bad they fired the original sax player - hurricane hank carter. HE had the sax appeal and rocked, unlike this keeny g sound shmuck

Anonymous said...

Kenny G shmuck????? This guy plays great! Must be something personal there to call this sax player a shmuck. I've seen this band over the last 30 years and they are all great musicians! This was a special night with both groups! Hot time at Wolf Trap.

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