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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Don't tear down Yankee Stadium!

Yankees! I can't believe you are going to actually tear down the House that Ruth built! the shrine of baseball! The place where the Babe, Gehrig, Reggie, Mantle, Yogi...Reggie all played.. the place where you won an unprecedented 26 championships.. but lets leave that aside.. so the Yankees won a lot what? its about the history of that stadium with respect to baseball..... the idea that one won't be able to take their kids to the ballpark and say "see ..thats where Ruth played!".. I truly just can't believe it... I can believe the greed and avarice of the Yankee organization but what about the rest of baseball???
Would it have been so hard to do what was done when Yankee stadium was last remodeled in the 70s and alternate games with the Mets at their stadium???
I'm afraid Ralph Nader had it right in his letter to Steinbrenner in 2006 (see:
There is not reason this ballpark had to be torn down other than unabashed greed. Its too bad that no social movement rallied around saving the stadium.

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