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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Re: John Edwards Love Child??

john edwards has confessed.. he's pond scum. ...he's not just scum for having an affair of course but for repeatedly lying to the press and putting the democrats in an untenable situation.. lets imagine he grabbed the nomination and this came out now!... democrats would be toast....amazing how many "progressives" fell for his schtick.. for months during the primaries until he dropped out obama supporters had to endure the "edwards walks on water and obama is not a progressive"... the progressive wing of the party definetly went with edwards.. then they quickly switched to obama when they had no other choice... but the fact that they fell for edwards' used salesman schtick was sad.... even sadder perhaps that the money they contributed to his campaign was used to pay edwards' lover or what have you.. if thats not scuzzy particularly when you add to that the fact that his wife has an incurable illness.. man....
it just goes to what i think is my core position on politicians: i don't care that they get it right on all the issues..i don't go to a webpage and look at a candidates positions on all the issues and support the one that has more positions in common with me... i want someone with some integrity..someone i can believe in.... the fact that progresives are so obsessed with candidates "positions" and how closely they mirror their own is shortsighted because positions will of necessity change..... edwards talked a big walk but he's just a another piece of shit liar.

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Anonymous said...

So, Elizabeth Edwards knew about her husband's sexual affair with Rielle Hunter in 2006 and fully supported his run for the White House ??? Is she nuts?? No wonder the media tried to cover up John Edwards' affair. Exposing John's sex romp makes his wife look just as stupid as him.

John really blew it. He should have claimed the baby was his from artificial insemination and the Rielle was a paid surrogate. When Rielle refused to give up the child, John wanted to talk to her alone. Elizabeth could have claimed full knowledge.

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