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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Live blogging DNC

....and we hear Mark Warner...
"..the most important contest of our generation has begun"...
wow ... creative..
"I got in on the ground floor of the cell phone industry.."
"Barack Obama is running to restore that fair shot for every american!"
I'm tuning out...
"John McCain promises more of the same.."
OK so he is hitting McCain..good.
He speaks with conviction but this is pretty boring stuff....
here comes the bipartisan part
"we need leaders who won't appeal to us as democrats or republicans but as americans..."
"if an idea works it really doesnt' matter if it has a D or an R next to it.."
"this election is not about left vs. right..its about the future vs. the past"
somehow i'm bored.. we've heard all this a billion times.. if you're going to say this stuff do it in a new way that is fresh and exciting
"i think we're blessed to be americans.."

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