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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

live blogging DNC

nice speech by Bob Casey Jr. (Sen. Penn).. I particularly loved the line about McCain "Thats not a maverick, thats a sidekick!" Right on..
I was impressed with Governor Granholm (MI) and her moderating of the panel on actual answers for problems..I loved that whole segment. Its good to talk policy... I wish other speakers would do more of that...
Sebelius was nothing to get too excited about...glad she was not picked to be VP..
who else did I hear.. Rendell..I liked him..
McCain and Bush are being hit hard tonight....I guess the Cajun' Moron Carville and Begala will say "Thats more like it.." .. simpletons...

But the main dishes for tonight are still to come... Mark Warner and Hillary Clinton...
Everytime someone says "We can't afford another four years of..." I take a swig of my Sapporo beer.. does nobody realize how overused that line is?
There are some truly horrid speakers particularly when they take average americans and put them in front of that.

"We can't afford more of the same votes..."
and he takes another swig of the Sapporo....

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