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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Journey Nissan Pavilion Bristow Virginia August 8-27-2008 live video Separate Ways

Will post set list shortly.. Review wise there isn't much to say..Basically if you like Journey and aren't bothered by what sometimes skirts dangerously close to cheeze synth rock ..well then you are going to love the current Journey with new lead singer Arnel Pineda... He sounds a lot like Steve Perry which comes in handy on the hits from their most popular era.. At the same time he's a bundle of energy running around the stage pumping up the crowd etc...I think he's giving Journey a second act...Obviously Neal Schon is a very strong lead guitarist even if his guitar tone may be a bit too sweet for my taste.. Jonathan Cain does what he can to hog the limelight but ultimately Arnel Pineda proves to be- even at this early stage in his history with the band- the highlight with a voice that so uncannily resembles Steve Perry that one can't help but be surprised.. I hope he takes care of his voice and can continue to reach those notes for a while...Its amazing that the guy was discovered through youtube clips of him performing in the Phillipines with his cover band The Zoo...just an amazing story..The video posted here..whoever was the camera man did a bad job on the first 30 or so seconds but then he shaped up big time..

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