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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

brian schweitzer

"if you drilled in all of his (McCain's) backyards..even the ones he doesn't know he wouldn't be enough..there just isn't enough oil in america"
i thought this guy was a senator but the cspan guy just called him governor...
anyways that was a good line..and he's had a few..
I like it.. a speech focused on energy.. on policy specifics...
"john mccain's plan? four more years of the same old same old.. the petro dictators will never own america's wind and sunshine..and we should never be beholden again to their barrel of crude.. now the obama plan surely is ambititious.. critics will pick apart at it.."
this guy is pretty darn good! thats what i like about these conventions..discovering these guys.. i'm sure politicos all know this but i've never heard this guy speak and he's pretty good... now he's yelling at people in the cheap seats to stand up!
yes he is the governor of montana.. i'd heard him- i now realize - on npr.. but this was very impressive..very well done..

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