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Monday, August 11, 2008

John McCain: Experienced Bullshit Artist

Now we read that McCain is warning Russia of "severe consequences" if it doesn't halt its actions in Georgia. Well let me ask you John: how you going to back it up considering the US military is stretched thin by your policy of staying in Iraq for another 100 years? If we actually listened to the Iraq government which is demanding a timeline we'd have the military wherewithal to at least present some sort of deterrent to Russia's agressiveness with respect to its neighbours (not to mention focus on finding Bin Laden.. remember him?).
Of course it bears repeating that Barack Obama is the candidate that favors a timeline with respect to Iraq which is something that far from weakening the United States - as McCain and his accolytes insist- would strengthen us by allowing us to have the military resources to address crises such as Georgia.

Let us also acknowledge that the surge in Iraq has had important costs! Those additional troops are in Iraq and they are not ready to be deployed to Georgia.

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