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Monday, December 19, 2005

Voila! this is the original Xavier Cugat "Ole!" LP cover (subsequent issues changed a bit getting rid of the Cugat cartoon and orange triangle and altering the color scheme)...this lp is from January 1955.... this is one of the more classic LP covers and of course features Cugat in the background looking like he is directing his orchestra while all eyes focus on his wife the magnificent Abbe Lane who sings on three of the albums' tracks..."Ole!" is distinguished from a lot of Cugat's LPs on Columbia in that it features material specifically recorded for the album instead of simply compiling material or reissuing songs from old 78s or 10 inch lps... Abbe once said "Jayne Mansfield may turn boys into men, but I take them from there." Yowza! She was born Abigail Francine Lassman on December 14, 1932 in Brooklyn and is currently living. Good for you Abbe! Ms. Lane recorded her own succesful albums including "Be Mine Tonight" with none other than Tito Puente... Abbe Lane is currently viewed by some as a woman who allowed herself to be exploited and used as a sex object while at the time many viewed her attire and attitude as tramplike.... I say its a great album cover!

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