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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Argentina's 2006 World Cup Draw?

Now knowing the different pots I can deduce Argentina group possibilities:

2. Angola or Ivory Coast or Ghana or Togo or Tunisia or Australia
3. Croatia or Czech Republic or Holland or Poland or Portugal or Sweden or Switzerland or Ukraine
4. Iran or Japan or Saudi Arabia or South Korea or Costa Rica or US or Trinidad and Tobago

or an alternative possibility and it is unclear if this would come in pot 2 or 3 or 4: Serbia Montenegro which will go to a group headed by Argentina/Mexico or Brazil

so because of the alternative possibility I am a bit confused otherwise I would say that Argentina has a 5/6 chance of having a group with an African nation and only 1/6 of having a group with Australia

it has a 100% chance of having a nation from Europe

it has a 33% chance of having two nations from Europe

a worse case scenario (akin to 2002's group of death : argentina, nigeria, england, sweden)?



best case? maybe:

trinidad and tobago

you can bet coaches all over the world are making these calculations and assessing their chances.. the draw i think can have a big impact on what happens....

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