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Monday, December 19, 2005

My letter to DC Councilmember Jack Evans

I love baseball and had been hoping for years DC would obtain a major league franchise. I enjoyed the Nats this year and attended 8 games.

However, even a huge baseball fan such as myself is offended at Major League Baseball's approach. All they seem concerned about is obtaining the most money possible from the city of DC so as to sell the team for the largest possible amount and then divide up the "winnings" on their US$200 million investment (approximate amount they paid for Montreal Expos franchise).

I do not believe the council ought to approve any stadium deal and I urge you to keep a watch on the city's financial commitments with relation to the stadium.

I also would tell you that myself and everyone else I talk to believes that RFK is a fine stadium for baseball. I understand that MLB wants their new stadium and thats part of the agreement but the agreement cannot be a stadium at any cost. I urge you to cap the city's commitment. If MLB cannot accept a cap or if a cap prevents a stadium being built on waterfront (which I agree would be a pity as revitalizing that area is important) then I suggest baseball relocate the Nationals to some other city -I doubt they have that many other serious options- or accept a stadium at RFK site.

thanks for your work for the community,

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