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Thursday, December 15, 2005

2005? Good riddance!!!!!!!!

2005 was not a good year... both on a personal but more importantly on a global level it was just not that good... the point of this blog has never been to belabor the ups and downs of my own life... but rather to share some thoughts on things I enjoy or at the very least enjoy thinking about (i.e., i may not enjoy the bush presidency but i do enjoy thinking about politics)..

on a national political level i think 2005 was a very bad year.. the worse since 2001.... it had to be that way when bush got reelected towards the end of 2004.. a year that begins with bush's second inaguration- an event organized in such a manner to discourage the citizens of DC who i remind the president own this town from attending- and continues with an inability or cowardice by large segments of the american public with respect to accepting the reality that this group of idiots or worse thugs is systematically destroying the things that make america great (yes, even freedom mr. president.. you talk a big game but all the while you preach its virtues you do your best to restrict our freedoms)

and people kept dying in iraq.. for what has never been less clear than now and yes i realize they are holding elections and am glad but would they have been any less able to hold elections with a drawn down US presence and exit strategy? me thinks not..

even my other love, argentina, let me down by embarking once again on the same journey of awarding unfettered power to a president who will no doubt abuse his authority to perpetuate himself in power until he wreaks enough havoc on argentines' lives that they remove him from power and probably put him in jail...... the same vicious boom bust econo-political cycle has been going on down there since 1819 with few exceptions..

but the real tragedy of 2005 was mother nature good ole earth...... its impact far and away greater that of this nincompoop... wether the tsunami, the earthquake in pakistan, the hurricane in new orleans or what have you according to a UN study 350,000 people were killed by natural disasters... 200,000 millionUS$ in losses........ that the pathetic pitiful response to hurricane katrina did not arouse ire with more staying power leads me to conclude that the person of the year in 2005 was the american coward...sad but true.. a people unwilling, unable to grasp to even understand that its government has become its enemy.. an ineffectual paranoid power grubbing money lusting torturing privacy invading oil guzzling civil right denying jingoistic behemoth..

one can only hope 2006 will be better!

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