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Thursday, December 01, 2005

momentous record collecting decision!

i've decided to stop chasing the blue note lps.. its come a bit out of control.... when you're buying lps you don't even like all that much just cause they are on blue note.... the early lps are just too expensive and hard to come by.. the competition is too fierce... this decision was precipitated by coming into a few norgran/clef/verve's which are really tight... i think i'll focus on norman granz's empire for a bit.... some of the cover art on those labels - particularly the early grey and white photos and the davis stone martin lp covers rivals the great reid/miles work albeit in a different subtler manner...don't get me wrong i'd love to get a mobley "soul station" but its just too frustrating to keep following them on ebay.... change is good.. change is growth.. right? this all has somewhat to do with me wanting to listen more to 50s jazz than mid 60s jazz which are the blue notes that are affordable (4200 and up).. also i want to listen to some different be honest though from a chronological standpoint most of the Norgran Records Catalog and Clef Records Catalog (Norman Granz's two record labels before Verve which of course re-released a lot of this stuff in editions that are highly collectible too) is pre mid-1956 which if you were to compare to Blue Note is about Blue Note 1530 or so... basically Norgran/Clef's body of work precedes Blue Note's... you're going to a body of work that is more bebop/hot and less cool jazz... at least thats the way this simpleton understands it...

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