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Friday, December 09, 2005

one more thing

it is important to emphasize that argentina got lucky in one respect: it will have to play holland last.. so if it wins its first two matches it should be through.... its hard to believe that argentina is not more than ivory coast or serbia... but things can happen and a draw in either of these games could prove fatal

one other thing: argentina national coach was the only coach from a world cup qualifier not to attend the draw.... argentina soccer federation chief grondona is incensed about the whole thing.... will pekerman be the argentina head coach at the world cup? all is apparently not peachy...

the argentine media reaction: "Argentina once again got the toughest group"... i think it may just be the toughest group but i see no reason to panic... holland is ranked number 3 in the lame-o FIFA rankings.. argentina is ranked number 4.. its tough to argue that getting holland in your group makes it a challenge...

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