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Monday, December 05, 2005

Two tickets to paradise, I thought (continued from below)..when I saw the Jamaican come up on stage and start doing the jamaican thing I winced cause I thought "Don't tell me Dorfmeister is going to pull a Thievery Corporation" (Thievery will play a live set of about 45 minutes before letting a coupla of rastas take over and start doing their dancehall reggae thing which I'm very ambivalent about).... ALthough Dorf or the Doctor as he is known kept control of the show but the tempo kept jacking up and the bass kept going up until you were literally being hit by waves of bass vibration... the show devolved into drum and bass with the rasta guy.. by the time we left I was unhappy as the rasta was singing a reggae version of staying alive and yelling to the crowd "WASHINGTON DC ARE YOU ALIVE? SHOW ME YOU ARE A-LIIIIIIIIIVE!!"........I wondered as I left what had happened to the down tempo Tosca as I was there to hear? I realize down tempo is dependent on the sly and robbie and jamaican dub for its foundation but to me its so much more and this show which started out splendidly lost the thread and turned into a typical dance DJ fest.... towards the end I could see Huber ambling around the club with a drink in his hand -anonymous to the crowd most of whom had arrived after his organ play and many of whom had left already- and I began to have fond memories of his set and could not help but wonder why he was not up there... ultimately, on this evening, the Tosca duo never did actually perform together...and i would have gladly settled for the sounds of Suzuki blaring over the speaker system, with the light show, and Huber and Dorfmeister throwing the crowd the ocasional bone (ie, a smile, a flip through the cd binder, a few random notes tinkled on the organ, etc.)..

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