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Thursday, December 01, 2005

This LP, "The Consummate Artistry of Ben Webster", was released on Norgran MG N-1001 which makes it the second 12 inch LP released on that label... its my new favorite record since yesterday....I paid $1 for this gem.. its a bit beat up and has one skip towards the end of side 2 but I'll take it....I have not listened much to Ben Webster other than him playing on some 1950s Billie Holiday tracks.....According to the LP liner notes penned by Norman Granz himself "Countless sides by Ellington's band carry his stamp of identification.." and "This, to the best of my knowledge, is the first long playing album which features Ben both as the leader of the combination and as its feature soloist." My favorite track on this is the Ellington classic "Don't get around much anymore" which might as always be my theme song as I've been fighting a bad cold...and heck who am I kidding I have not been getting out as much lately.. why would i when i got these great jazz records? Ben who I am not familiar with is particularly striking- read smooth- on the slower ballads....

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