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Thursday, March 17, 2005

testimony on capitol hill today regarding steroids in mlb-live blogging!

i write these words as i'm listening to the players testifying... schilling (who sounds like a future-unfortunately republican-politician), sosa (who conveniently uses translators when it suits him), mcgwire (who broke down crying about the children affected adversely by steroids), palmeiro (who like so many cuban americans makes a point of speaking about the american dream about every other sentence), and canseco who lies lies lies... now he's saying he made a mistake using steroids...well in his book he never says this.. far from it.. in his book he goes so far as to strongly suggest those that do not use steroids in baseball are idiots..

it was interesting to hear schilling call canseco a liar to his face..

when asked by representative stephen lynch about - democrat from massachusetts YAH!!!!!!- the differences between his book and what he is testifying (thank you lynch!) canseco said it took him two years to write book and he's changed his opinion since then.. basically he's disowning his book that just came out and he's been hawking everywhere.. this guy is shameless!

as representative linda sanchez really puts it best when she basically says she's dissapointed in the players: mcgwire refuses to answer any questions and none of the other players have ever seen anyone or heard of anyone who uses steroids...if we are to believe sosa, palmeiro and schilling there is no problem with steroids in baseball and major league baseball should be allowed to self-regulate itself...come on!

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