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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

breaking news- confirmed- US tells world to take flying leap

this is insane... talk about doing something that rankles just about everyone.. the other developed nations (G7) are going to perceive the appointment of paul wolfowitz as head of the world bank as the US saying it can basically nominate anyone it wants to be world bank head ...without even at least seeking some minor concensus.. meanwhile the developing world- the world bank's CLIENTS- are going to view this negatively since they are deeply opposed- almost to a man- to the war on irak of which wolfowitz was a primary architect/proponent....

but wolfowitz once again proves he is the ultimate washington insider and lands the most plum gig in town... head of the world bank....this administration sure does seem to like to reward those that fail....condie rice as secretary of state and now this..

when i heard wolfowitz's name mentioned in relation to this at the beginning i had to wonder.. then other names emerged and the media seemed to be reporting that wolfie would not be nominated for the gig given the controversy that might ensue..

let the controversy begin..

(of course on one level one could say that this just continues bush's game of gaining more and more control for his team of insiders... the problem is that the world bank is a global insitution responding to global issues and clients... for the US to so blatantly politicize the not- if you will- even attempt to pretend to observe a minimum of decorum..thats bound to create problems)

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