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Thursday, March 17, 2005

more on larry cohn and blue notes from jazz collector site 2004

It was bound to happen. Our very first newsletter this past Monday and we made an error. It involved three Blue Note records: Donald Byrd, The Cat Walk, Blue Note 4075; Dexter Gordon, Doin' Allright, Blue Note 4077; and Dexter Gordon, Dexter Calling, Blue Note 4083. They sold for very high prices and we expressed surprise because they were NY USA labels and, we thought, not originals. It turns out that they were originals.

One of our readers, Larry Cohn, pointed out that these three records came out after the switch from the 47 West 63rd label to the New York USA label. He said Doin' Allright does exist with the West 63rd label, but it was used during a transitional period when the final West 63rd labels were being phased out. There's no evidence that the West 63rd pressings preceded the New York USA pressings, he said.

My question is this: Where is the repository of this information and how do we know what is accurate? Cohn said he's been doing research on Blue Note for 10 years and he's found the published information to be relatively unreliable and misleading. Great.

wolff: interestingly i have doin' allright on 47west 63rd but its got a bit of a skip.. oh well...maybe someday my turntable will play it through...correction mine is a new york label pressing

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