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Monday, March 07, 2005

Stevie Wonder rap on innervisions...

if you've ever heard Stevie's Innervisions lp you've noticed this funny rap at the beginning of "Don't You Worry About A Thing"... its something like stevie trying to impress a female..its not transcribed in the lyrics included with the record.. its hard to make out all the dialogue but it goes sorta like this:

ey ey!!
comprende esta- hijo de puta-------(unintelligible spanish screaming jive noises in background; funnily enough the spanish is clearly recorded by stevie pretending to be latino)
stevie: you understand that
girl: no!
stevie: well i can't understand how you can't understand
i've been to paris beirut you know irak iran eurasia you know i speak very very...uhm.. fluent spanish
todo esta bien chevere!
you understand that?
girl: bien chevere
stevie: bien che-VE-REE!
mama i gotta shake and move you a little!

(song starts)

("todo esta bien chevere" means "everything's real cool" and is a common phrase in venezuela and northern latin america)

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