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Monday, March 21, 2005

media fails once again

segments of the media once again do not know how to do their job!.. today on yahoo there are pictures of people outside schiavo's hospital or wherever she is who want the feeding tube stuck back in and they are described in the captions as "supporters of terry schiavo".. what does that make her husband? a killer? not a supporter at least!

you'd think with all the intelligence in this country- the most powerful on earth- that the media wouldn't stoop to consistently framing the issue!.. and one can't even be sure if they are not framing the issue out of sheer ignorance for what must be the basic tenets of journalism.. anyone with two brain cells know they way to refer to these people is "people who believe terry schiavo should not be allowed to die" and not as her "supporters"...because obviously if they are branded her "supporters" then the public opinion will swing in favor of their ideology and against the husband who after all claims she told him she would not want to remain in a vegetative state...wouldn't he therefore be her "supporter"?

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