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Sunday, March 06, 2005

George Carlin flees rehab and hits dc!!!!!!!!!!

last night i got a chance to see george carlin performing his stand up routine at the warner theatre..

i'm not a george carlin expert or even huge fan but will share a few impressions.

the man is amazingly fit for a 67 year old! he moves around the stage like a tiger...i mean i hope when i'm his age i can do what he did last night!

he started off with a great monologue/rap about himself.. this rap was brilliant use of rhythm, rhyme, language and alliteration; my favorite part of the for it on his upcoming hbo special (will be his 13th.. he first had an hbo special in 1977!) or check it in his latest book released last year..

he joked that he's in good shape after having checked himself into rehab and going the past 58 days putting eggs into his body..

he had a few monologue themes.. the first of which was about how he's sure- he'd " it all"- an "all suicide channel" would be a huge success in america...and then went into an in depth monologue on the pyramid of hopeless losers from which the cast of such a show would be drawn (at the bottom the homeless, then the imprisoned, the condemned, the depressed, the terminally ill, etc...).it dovetailed well with his incredibly sarcastic/sardonic observations about the US and the american people.. a country which has turned into a"giant mall..made of litle malls joined together broken up by gas stations and convenience stores"....he described the american people as being 40 pounds overweight and shopping shopping and eating and eating and eating...he also spoke about what he sees as "dumbness" of the american people and tied this in with the ruling elites that own the media and corporations wanting people to be just smart enough to pull the levers at work but just dumb enough not to think critically about what is going on, while, for example, the elite goes for their social security money....

i found carlin's gags about farts and sex rather tired compared to his more political material....

he ended with an entertaining monologue concerning entropy wherein a little problem in Los Angeles eventually led to the destruction of planet earth..... it was another high point....

although some of his material is a bit too negative for me -which is saying a lot- overall i was impressed with george carlin and he lived up to his reputation..particularly on the opening spiel..

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