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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

dear diary

i am having issues with the picasa photohosting program (and now the blogger program.. this is my 3rd attempt to post this).. its refusing to send my picture of chuck berry, little richard, and bo diddley with some unidentified white dude...i'd like to know who this white dude is...

but it has been a few days since my last post.. far too long... i won't bore you with the details as to why..

friday night i went to hr57 here in dc to check out the live jazz.. never drink five beers before quaffing two bottles of wine...its not smart politics... the antonio parker quintet was playing.... this version of the quintet was a bit more strident than the one i saw last time but had the added plus of having a madman named benito (soon to be local legend) on the keys... his piano styling can be compared to sonny (aka santino) beating the shit out of his sister's husband in the godfather.... some guest musicians resembling the peanuts gang appeared midway during the antonio parker quintet set and played some comparatively soothing easier on the ears material incluiding a nice version- with vocals- of "night and day".. i think its in sinatra's "the song is you" bio by will fridewald that i read that this really is the consummate frankie baby song.... anyways, i think we all had a good time at hr57 and i look forward to hitting it again in about a month..

saturday night, predictably (see above), i was not in my peak party form... after the mandatory stop at asylum - as of late home of the blaring poseur metal (late period motley crue, billy idol) whats up wid dat anyways? what happened to the days of the rage against the machine "they do what they told you" or what have you?- and some very enjoyable beers.. as i was telling a friend.. i just enjoy beer more when i don't have to leave my shirt behind....and after visiting the sopranoesque reef where a friend was celebrating life...and after heading to the saloon on U..we eventually made it to our destination where the funk soul brother check it out now was scheduled to spin... unfortunately for me five hours sleep the two previous nights meant i ran out of gas a little past the halfway point....the show was pretty enjoyable although dj shiny pants tells me fatboy was missing cues left and right... perhaps even resorting to blaming equipment failure for some sloppy work on the tables... i don't wouldn't surprise me.. still he brought his oversized personality to the 930 club .. and that more than made up of for everything but the unusually large contingent of buffoons in the crowd.. you know the type... the fratfuck as i like to call them.. those that like to get wasted and then get agressive....shoving people.. one guy dumped a full beer on a friend of mine..and i'm almost sure he did it intentionally...i nearly got into two fights and had to tell at least three people to get the fuck out of my face and that has got to tell you something about the crowd....too much red bull i don't know....for a while i thought i was dancing next to jenna bush but it turned out- fortunately for the woman in question- that i was wrong.. as for the music fatboy did mix in some of his own songs (per mark meyerson's review of his san francisco show earlier this year) including right here right now and the "fatboy slim is fucking in heaven" bit which he kept using.. i think fatboy's music was far less breakbeat or big beat or whatever it is that is the sound that was once associated with him.. to me it sounded like there were elements of progressive house which i love but don't generally associate with him.... it was nice to see him in the middle of the club so that we could get a good view of him in action (including yelling about one of his turntables being down- he was freaking)....i think the constant asking the crowd to clap and yell is a bit passee.. never go for that shit but whatever.. what you going to do.... all in all a good show save for the lunkheads present and also i do wish i had managed to pick myself up for the last quarter but i refused to resort to the red bull....oh he was playing the same videos over and over again on a big screen and that too was rather blah.. if you only have five videos just play those and be done with it..almost forgot to say i had seen him in argentina a few years back and was more impressed by this show... but that may have had something to do with the venue..

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