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Thursday, March 24, 2005

and another belle and sebastian uber-opus-master work

and these are the lyrics of "my wandering days are over" from their first lp "tigermilk".. another song that just hits me real deep... i love the use of the characters of belle and sebastian in some of their early songs.. this is a device they eliminated by the time "if you're feeling sinister" came out... the name belle and sebastian by the way comes from a french children's book series i believe..i know this song so well..its in my skin.. that i can assure you the last line of these lyrics taken from the belle and sebastian official site is wrong.. it should read "you said you were in hell"!..

My Wandering Days Are Over - Lyrics

You know my wandering days are over
Does that mean that I'm getting boring?
You tell me
I'm tired of listening to myself now
I'm tired of fixing things for Michael and the rest of them

You know my bip-bopping days are over
I hung my boots up and then retired from the disco floor
Now the centre of my so called being is
The space between your bed and wardrobe with the louvre doors

I said "My celibate days are over"
You put me straight on the finer points of my speech rehearsed
In the mirror of my steamy bathroom
Where the lino tells a sorry story in a monologue

Six months on, the winter's gone
The disenchanted pony
Left the town with the circus boy
The circus boy got lonely
It's summer, and it's sister song's
Been written for the lonely
The circus boy is feeling melancholy

It's got to be fate that's doing it
A spooky witch in a sexy dress has been bugging me
With the story of the way it should be
With the story of Sebastian and Belle the singer

I said "My one man band is over"
I hit the drum for the final time and I walked away
I sew you in Japanese restaurant
You were doing it for business men on the piano, Belle
You said it was a living Hell
You said that it was Hell

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