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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Translation of Joaquin Sabina's "Y Nos Dieron Las Diez" as performed by Maria Jimenez

And it gave us 10
(J. Sabina)

It was in a village with sea
One night following a concert
You ruled behind the counter of the only bar we saw open
“sing me a song to my ears and I get you a cubata” (i.e., cubata= cuba libre drink)
“with one condition: that you leave me open the balcony of your feline eyes”
That night, crazy to know the secrets of your bedroom, I sang my entire repertoire accompanied by the dawn

The bar's clients took off one by one
You left to close
I told myself “careful, boy, you’re falling in love”
Then it all happened suddenly
Your finger drew a heart on my back and my hand corresponded underneath your skirt
On the way to the hostel we kissed at every street light
It was a village with sea
I wanted to sleep with you and you did not want to sleep alone

And it gave us 10 and 11 ..12..1…2…and 3…
And naked the moon found us that evening

We said goodbye…hope we see each other again; summer ended…fall lasted what winter takes to arrive and once again chance took me to your town, and at the end of the concert I looked for your face amongst the people and did not find anyone who would tell me half a word about you..
It looked as if destiny was playing a twisted joke on me

There was no one behind the bar of the other summer
And in place of your bar I found a branch of the Bank Hispano Americano
Your memory I avenged tossing stones against the windows
“I know I did not dream it” I protested as the municipal police handcuffed me
In my statement I said I had had three drinks
And I began this song in the room where that time I removed your clothes

And it gave us 10 and 11…12..1…2…3.
And naked the moon found us that evening..


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