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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

spring break! yaargh!

47west63rd will be on hiatus for the entire week and will be back in bidness on april 20th.. please mark your calendars and check back as there is riveting material currently in pre-production..some hot button stories we will be covering:

is the rolling stones' "get yer ya yas out" the greatest rock'n'roll live album or what? minutes from a panel discussion held at the library of rock...

argentina: a systemically corrupt country doomed to enduring banana republic status? a new study undertaken in argentina seems to lend credence to this sad hypothesis..

the washington nationals: the beefaroni and full scoopage... at last check five victories and four losses including tough away series against perennial division heavyweights florida and atlanta.. THREE come from behind victories in the bottom of the 9th or extra innings!! and wasup with my homeboy jose "the guillotine" the words of michael sembello "he's a maniac maniac action lord".... a full report...

have the italian soccer tifosi "out-hooliganed" the english hooligans themselves? is there an inverse relationship between the blossoming exciting premier league and the drowsathonacious serie A? whats up with some italian soccer "fans" (lazio's following comes to mind) fascination with nazism?

a congratulatory post commemmorating brett wigdortz's recent nuptials to english BABErooney (amazing to check the new york times nuptials page in this past weekend's sunday paper and run smack dab into too long too lost amigo brett)..

whats with the name otto anyways? an expose of otto reich: 1) republican paper pusher bastard emeritus during bonzo and dubya presidencies 2) paid propagandist for overzealous cuban american community and 3) most recently and more to this point out of control "writer" of out and out false right wing story (april 11 national review: "the axis of evil..western hemisphere version")..reading this story blew my socks off and i hope to blow your drawers off too!...

full review of master cellist yo-yo ma's performance at the kennedy center this past monday (april 11)

and more..buah ha ha hahahaha

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