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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The return of Joaquin Sabina?

Spanish poet, songwriter and singer Joaquin Sabina (pictured above in 1999) is currently in Mexico for the II Festival de la Palabra (II Festival of the Word- guessing a festival related to literature). He confessed that a battle with cancer three years ago had adversely affected his vocal chords and made him "retired" as far as live concerts (dang! just in time for me NOT to be able to see him!)..according to Sabina his new record, soon to be released, will be titled "Numeros Rojos" ("Red Numbers")..Sabina's illness has also given him time to put together a few books..

For those unfamiliar with Joaquin Sabina he is known throughout the spanish speaking world as perhaps the greatest singer songwriter of his generation. For some odd reason he is largely uknown in the United States even amongst its large hispanic population. Yet in countries like Argentina Sabina's songs are everywhere. Amazon lists some of his albums and I highly recommend "Dimelo en la Calle", "19 Dias y 500 Noches" and the double live album "Nos sobran los motivos". To my mind as of his last album he was the finest living singer songwriter in any language (yes, even Bob Dylan).

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