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Friday, October 29, 2004

Roger Waters

of Pink Floyd has some interesting comments on our President and our current elections (from an interview on this site

"Institutionalized hatred is only an expression of fear.. George Bush is obviously a deeply frightened man...and always has been his whole life...thats what he gives off. He exudes fear to me..thats why he finds it necesssary to dress up in air force uniforms and parade around on the decks of aircraft carriers. cause he's a frightened little kid.. you know..he's an infant..that politically is the problem. that you have this frightened infant you know in the most powerful position in the western world.."

"If Bush wins this election I won't just be aghast I will be struck dumb..You know..that the american people could reelect this disaster..this total disaster in every way as far as i am concerned.."

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