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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Bill O'Reilly's Caribbean Shower Fantasies..

Bill O'Reilly, self professed mr "who's looking out for you," has been hit with a sexual harassment suit.. .the smoking gun has the suit on their web site..

check it out...we'll find out if there is any truth to this (although it seems O'Reilly's on tape..) but i don't think you can make this stuff up!

for the real fun stuff go to the site above but i can't resist including most of paragraph 41 of the lawsuit:

On or about May 2003, Defendant BILL O'REILLY took plaintiff ANDREA MACKRIS and her college friend to dinner at Da Silvano's. During the course of the dinner, O'REILLY repeatedly propositioned the women, singing the praises of telephone sex, offering to telephone them both, and suggesting that the three of them "go to a hotel together and have the time of [their] lives." O'REILLY further suggested that the women needed to be trained so they'd be equipped and ready to go when a "real man shows up in your lives," and offered "lessons."

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