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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

In case you are keeping score

I am not sure what the Government of Israel is thinking.... As Gandhi said "an eye for an eye leaves everybody blind." I think of my grandfather who when the state of Israel was created would send in his monthly contribution to support Israel. I think of my jewish roots. I can't help but feel that the current State of Israel has become its own worse enemy. I may not like the palestinian leadership (Yasser Arafat) but that does not excuse the things Israel is doing in Palestine.

The first interesting weekend read was in this Sunday's New York Times (p. 8 International). I quote fully and freely:

Intifada's Four Years
The second intifada has cost nearly 4,000 lives so far. Figures are from Sept. 29, 2000, to Sept. 15, 2004 and do not include 138 suicide bombers.

Palestinians * Killed By:
Israeli security forces 2,827
Israeli civilians 32
Palestinians 130

Israeli Civilians Killed By:
Palestinians 632
Foreign Citizens 3
Palestinian citizens of Israel 3

Israeli Security Forces Killed By:
Palestinians 284
Palestinian citizens of Israel 1

Foreign Citizens Killed By:
Palestinians 40
Israeli security forces 10

Palestinian Citizens of Israel Killed By:
Israeli security froces 17

*figures do not differentiate between Palestinian combatants and civilians

Sources Btselem, an Israeli human rights group; Israeli Foreign Ministry; Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group; BBC

Source for 47west63rd: New York Times, October 3

In addition yesterday, October 4, on NPR it was reported that 75 palestinians had been killed in Gaza (in the past month) by israeli security forces including 19 children (including a four year old girl). The source given was also Btselem the Israeli human rights group.

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