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Friday, January 16, 2009

The Wondeful World of Antonio Carlos Jobim

Somewhat neat score... Jobim's 1965 Warner Brothers LP (his second) On Warner W 1611 with arrangements by none other than Nelson Smock Riddle..In fact as a sign of the kind of respect Riddle commands he gets his byline "The Brazilian Mood - With Nelson Riddle".. ANyways this is the original mono issue...The liner notes on the back cover by Stan Cornyn are kind of ridiculous.. you can tell they were trying to position him as a pop star: "His brown hair tumbles over...He sings. His eyes peer out over his music stand, seeing the beaches of Brazil, the soft girls, the pale winds. His eyes, as if unaccustomed to the bright studio day, blink frequently."...$1.00

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