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Monday, January 19, 2009

Jamiroquai- Cosmic Girl Promo 12" inch single

Its hard to remember but there was a time in the mid 1990s where Jamiroquai's brand of environmental hippie acid jazz dance funk was commercially popular and even got the occasional critical props...One of my bigger regrets is having passed on a Jamiroquai show at the intimate 930 club here in Washington DC.. I was essentially at another party and chose to sell my ticket and return to my friends... In retrospect it was a rare opportunity and I should have seized it..Pretty quickly though Jamiroquai, after the ubiquitous cat in the hat videos featuring ferraris and gorgeous models, became very unhip very uncool.. Particularly in the United States for some reason people turned against him and his fans seemed to move on.. In other countries like Argentina though his new single is always to be heard pumping from the local radios and truth be told his music hasn't changed that much in quality or style...Its just that in the US many of his fans it seems to me where more of the jam band Dave Matthews birkenstock wearing variety and they "grew up" and became boring people in the suburbs raising their boring offspring and hardly ever even listening to music anymore.. at least thats the way I see it...This 12 inch single on Sony S2 XPR 3087 may have been a promo only release which helped kickstart along with the more important MTV videos Jamiroquai's conquering of America... The sticker on the cover says the single is provided by the "Compliments of Promotion Lift The Promotion Alternative" from New York City..Wonder if they are still around?... I like the Classic Mix remix version on this...$1

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