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Monday, January 19, 2009

Mott the Hoople debut album Atlantic SD 8258 test pressing

Extremely rare.. I venture to guess this is one of the rarest records I own.. the US Atlantic white label test pressing (pressed at Presswell) of Mott the Hoople's debut album from 1970.. this record had initially come out on Island in the UK and Island had some deal for Atlantic to release Mott in the US.. as the years pass I get more interested in Mott and the earlier less glam oriented albums... This one has Motts first hit Rock and Roll Queen (presaging glam? or just a coincidence "queen"?), one or two first contributions by Ian Hunter, a song by the producer Guy Stevens who had basically created Mott as his baby (the Clash were so into Mott they hired Guy Stevens a few years later to produce their records), and some choice covers including a kicking "you really got me" instrumental , a doug sahm tune, and even sonny Bono.. on this album Hunter's vocal style and even lyrics are visibly influenced by Bob Dylan...Its topical to post a Mott LP given they have announced they will be reuniting for two shows in London towards the end of 2009..this is the first reunion in 35 years and all five original band members will participate (Ralphs went to greater financial returns with Bad Company)..I am really hoping some smart promoter will lure them to America's shores but am not holding my breath....$16 (including a $15 credit from vendor).

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