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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Open letter to Michael Gerson at the Council on Foreign Relations

You wrote "Young Obama's strongest arguments are focused on the failures of the past. The older man, by insisting on victory, is more responsible and realistic about the future."
How is it realistic to insist on "victory" when you don't even define what victory is?

It is precisely the term "victory" that is unrealistic and the ones employing it are the unrealistic ones! Wake up or we will be in Irak for no good reason bleeding ourselves dry for 30 plus years!

"Realism" would be to ask what "victory" exactly means and whether its achievable instead of simply stating "we must win!!!".. realism is to proclaim we won and skiddedle out of there- responsibly and in a measured manner of course- so that we can focus on the real challenges facing our nation. Realism is to accept what is self-evident to the eye willing to look!

Wake up Gerson! You are showing yourself to be extremely naive and "young" in accepting that "victory" is attainable. Honestly if this is the best the Council on Foreign Relations can do these days you guys might as well close up shop because all you did in your article is repeat the same old tired conventional "wisdom" and we know where that "wisdom" got us....


serge in dc
ps remember "young" can be penetrating (einstein was young when he had his breakthroughs and so are most people when they make their mark) while "old" can be ossified... i don't know you but you're looking rather "old"...

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