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Saturday, April 12, 2008

I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!

 i could feel the buzz for AC DC growing in the air/atmosphere..i've been saying it for months that people are begging for some AC DC
and its now confirmed.. it ain't just me.. its happening folks!....  radio is responding
relevant highlight:

At Classic Rock, AC/DC (And The '80s) Gain Current-cy

Entry by Sean Ross

It started a year ago with AC/DC. The client was an upper-demo Classic Rock station that verged on Classic Hits. But they'd thrown a few more AC/DC songs in the test this time and suddenly we were staring at an AC/DC song that wasn't "You Shook Me All Night Long" on the first page. Everybody knew that "You Shook Me" had become an all-ages party song staple at weddings and bar mitzvahs, no longer considered edgy in any way. But "Highway to Hell" hardly seemed to have become that.

Since then, we've seen a pretty wide spread of AC/DC songs start to come back strongly in Classic Rock music tests - sometimes five or six titles with fairly similar scores at a given station. And while that band has had a renewed cachet lately -- used heavily in TV commercials and channeled by multiple newer acts for several years now - their graduation from peripheral act with one mass-appeal song to a more mainstream artist is just one indication that the boundaries of Classic Rock might finally be shifting a little.

More of my jibber jabber:
the point of edison research's piece seems to be that "classic rock" is finally expanding its boundaries..and some more classic classic rock stalwarts such as the rolling stones may be a bit played it for yourself and draw your own conclusions..
i want to think that what we are seeing is people are beginning to reject the crap indie pussy no balls music movement typified by pansy bands- i will not bother to list them we know who they are..they can be found most nights at the 930 or black cat- and wanting more rawking... we are also seeing increasing sales/market presence on the part of bands responding to this.. think buckcherry which is selling out show after show and has sold over a million copies of their last album..
this is great news and the only hope for rock and rolll.. bring back the booze, bimbos and drugs or there ain't much to look forward too..
guitar solos can't be far behind...hell the revival of hard rock as distinct from grunge could finally be on its way
i guess in fairness we are talking about "classic rock"..but it is interesting that you go to any dc bar on a weekend night and people are rawking out to ac dc or bon jovi.. the bands that we listened to in the late 90s have hardly had any lasting impact...

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